Monite SDK

Build Monite-powered web apps using our UI components and API clients.


Use Monite SDK to embed invoicing and payables powered by Monite into your products. The SDK provides React UI components for displaying and managing data served via the Monite API, as well as a standalone JavaScript API client for those whose prefer to build a UI from scratch.

Monite SDK is open source and available on GitHub:


SDK packages

Monite SDK includes the following npm packages.

UI Widgets

@team-monite/ui-widgets-react is a library of ready-to-use React components connected to the Monite API. These components display the data served from the Monite API - such as payables, counterparts, and more - along with the ability to create, edit, or delete data objects.

Visit to explore the available components.

For more information, see UI Widgets.

UI Kit

@team-monite/ui-kit-react is a library of low-level components such as buttons, inputs, and others. This package is used internally by @monite/ui-widgets-react, but can also be used as a standalone UI library.

JavaScript API client

@team-monite/sdk-api is a JavaScript client for the Monite API. Can be used independently from UI Widgets and UI Kit.

Get started

Before you can use any SDK packages, you need to:

  1. Register your partner account with Monite.
  2. Create an API project in the Monite Partner Portal.
  3. Get API credentials.
  4. Generate a partner access token based on your API credentials.
  5. Create an entity that represents your client SME.
  6. Create entity users. (Learn more about Monite account structure.)

As a result, you will have an entity ID and an API access token. You will need to use them later in your application configuration.