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Partner Portal

Step 3: Implement client side

Learn what you need to configure on your client-side to implement the Monite solution.

Monite offers multiple integration options for partners to integrate their applications with Monite's services seamlessly. Each option provides varying levels of control and customization, catering to different partner needs.


Monite's Drop-in is a component library built upon JavaScript's Web Components. Drop-in is designed to be framework-agnostic and includes custom elements to be inserted directly into your HTML.

This is the fastest way to integrate with Monite.

To proceed with this option, follow Drop-in quick start.

React SDK

Monite's React UI SDK is a library of ready-to-use React components connected to the Monite API. The SDK is designed for React-based client-side and server-side applications.

This option allows you to retain control over the visual aspects and branding while Monite does the heavy lifting.

To proceed with this option, follow React SDK quick start.


With the API-only integration, partners can interact with Monite's services by making direct requests to Monite servers using the available API endpoints. This option gives you complete control over your integration process, allowing you to implement the necessary API calls from your application.

With API-only integration, you have the flexibility to handle your backend logic implementation while leveraging Monite's services.

To proceed with this option, follow any corresponding section in Monite's documentation, for example, Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable.