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Partner Portal

Email templating and customization

Get an overview of Monite's email templates.

Monite allows its partners to manage and customize outgoing emails to enhance branding and, thus, deliver a unique experience for all entities. Monite uses templates to standardize email creation, providing partners with a solid foundation for customizations.

Email templates contain a set of variables and expressions that get replaced when the actual email is rendered. Monite provides a set of predefined email templates for each action. These template types are called System templates.

Monite's system template sample

Monite's System template sample


Entity logo

If the entity has a logo, outgoing emails from that entity will display the entity logo uploaded. Emails from entities without a logo will bear the Monite logo. For more information, see Update entity logo.

When using system templates, Monite automatically populates the template variables based on the available data. Partners can also create custom templates to tailor email content and design according to their preferences.

Custom templates

Custom templates allow Monite partners to personalize and customize their email content. Monite provides the /mail_templates endpoint to create and manage email templates. You can customize email subjects and bodies using the subject_template and body_template fields on the request body.


Email template syntax

Monite uses the Jinja templating engine for email customizations. Therefore, all email body and subject templates must comply with the Jinja2 template syntax.

Custom templates allow you to incorporate variables as placeholders for various customer-specific and document-specific values. Partners must ensure that all variables comply with Monite's predefined variables. For a complete list of Monite template variables, see Variable list.

Template types

The following table contains the names of customizable Monite templates and their corresponding email action:

Template nameEmail action
credit_note_templateSent when a credit note is issued to a counterpart.
discount_reminderSent to a counterpart on early discount dates as defined by the invoice's payment terms.
final_reminderThis is the final reminder sent to a counterpart before the invoice's due date as defined by the payment terms.
invoice_templateSent when an invoice is issued to a counterpart.
notify_approverSent to a payable's list of approvers as defined by the approval policy.
notify_payerSent to a payable's payer when submitted invoices are ready for payment.
payables_purchase_order_templateSends a purchase order to a counterpart.
processed_emails_templateUpdates the entity user that uploads an entity's payables on the number of processed payables.
quote_templateSent when a quote is issued to a counterpart.