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ReceivablesTable is a React component that displays all accounts receivable documents - invoices, quotes, and credit notes - created by an entity. The component supports searching, filtering, and pagination between different receivables.



To access this component, the entity user must have read permissions for the receivable object. For more information, see List of permissions.


`ReceivablesTable` component preview.

ReceivablesTable component preview.


Use in the ReceivablesTable component in your application as shown:

import { ReceivablesTable } from "@monite/sdk-react";


// This component must be rendered within the MoniteProvider wrapper
const ReceivablesTablePage = () => {
  return <ReceivablesTable />


onRowClickfunctionThis callback takes the identifier of the clicked row as a parameter and is triggered when a receivables table row is clicked.
onTabChangefunctionThis callback is triggered any time the component's tab is changed.
tab("0"| "1" | "2")This prop determines the currently active tab on the ReceivablesTable component. Each value represents either "Quotes", "Invoices", or "Credit notes" tabs.