Release notes

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and breaking changes in the current version of Monite API.

What's new in v2023-03-14

This version of the API includes significant improvements in various parts of the Monite product.

MoniteScript 2.0 and new API for approval policies

We have released a new generation of our MoniteScript workflow engine, which enables your end-users to apply pre-programmed workflows automatically in various scenarios. These workflows are particularly useful when implementing the process of reviewing, approving, and paying for incoming invoices. However, we designed the MoniteScript engine to be generic and extensible so that it can automate nearly any financial workflow in your application.

With the release of MoniteScript 2.0, we have significantly revamped the current API for approval policies and approvals. To learn more about the new MoniteScript and changes to approval policies, please visit MoniteScript 2.0 and Approval policies.

Extended reference data for entities, counterparts, and bank accounts

To ensure compliance and usability of the Monite API in various regions, we have made improvements and extensions to the representation of core API resources on our platform, such as entities, counterparts, bank accounts, and their sub-properties. Furthermore, we have introduced new validation logic to provide better control and consistency over the data that your users need to provide for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payment capabilities.

For more details, visit Manage entity bank accounts and Manage counterpart bank accounts.

UK Open Banking support via payment links

With this release, we are excited to announce full support for Open Banking in the UK, in addition to our existing Open Banking payment methods in Europe. This means that if you have users in the UK who utilize our AR & AP solutions to make or accept payments via payment links, they can now make and receive domestic payments via UK Open Banking rails.

Our data indicate that providing payers with more payment options increases their willingness to use payment links for invoice payments and stick to your solution as a whole. That's why we will continue expanding the variety and diversity of payment methods available on our platform.

Custom themes for the hosted payment page

In this release, we are delivering one of the most requested and anticipated features for clients who use our payment links to accept B2B payments. You can now fully customize the look and feel of your payment page to ensure it aligns with your brand guidelines and the overall user experience of your app. With these customizable themes, you have the ability to adjust the logo, fonts, colors, style, and other visual elements of the payment page.

For details, see Customize payment page.

Accounts Receivable: Full regulatory compliance for the UK

With every platform release, we expand the geographic coverage of the regions and countries supported by our product verticals.

As of v2023-03-14, we have provided the final elements necessary for full regulatory compliance in the UK (except for Northern Ireland at the moment). This includes requirements for standard invoice data elements, proper invoice templates, standard VAT rates, and more.

To check whether your country is currently fully supported or to request that it be given higher priority on our roadmap, please contact our Support team.

Accounts Receivable: improved support for quote management

This version brings a few enhancements to how your end-users can manage and utilize quotes in Account Receivable flows:


In future updates to this API version, we plan to add more features and improvements to our product offering. We'll add these new features to the current API version unless they introduce new breaking changes. In such cases, we'll introduce them in succeeding API versions.

Breaking changes

This version includes a few breaking changes that you should consider when upgrading from the previous API version:

  • Approval policies API has been changed completely. For details on the new implementation, refer to Approval policies.
  • The line items of a payable resource are now sub-resources and accessible via the /payables/{payable_id}/line_items endpoint. See Manage line items for details.
  • Counterparts can now have only one tax ID (or VAT ID) in their /counterparts/{counterpart_id}/tax_ids collection.
  • When accessing the /counterparts/{counterpart_id}/partner_metadata endpoint with an entity user token, you now need to explicitly add the counterpart permission to the role assigned to this entity user.
  • The way to set the default PDF template has been changed. Now you need to use the POST /document_templates/{document_template_id}/make_default endpoint to set the default template. The template entity setting, which was previously used for this purpose, has been removed.
    The specified PDF template is now used for both receivables and purchase orders.
  • The action value in payable webhooks has been changed from the present tense to the past tense. For example, you will receive "action": "payable.created" instead of "action": "payable.create".
  • Entity setting reminder.enabled field now affects only invoice payment reminders but not overdue reminders. Previously, when reminder.enabled was set to true, invoices had to be created with both payment_reminder_id and overdue_reminder_id. Now, only payment_reminder_id is required in this case.


For more information on what changes we consider breaking and non-breaking in our API, please refer to our Versioning policy.


May 18, 2023

Accounts payable

  • The Payable object has the new partner_metadata field to store arbitrary metadata. We recommend using this new field instead of the GET and PUT /payables/{payable_id}/partner_metadata endpoints, which have now been deprecated. Existing metadata previously added via /payables/{payable_id}/partner_metadata is also accessible via the partner_metadata field, and vice versa.
  • New pagination filters added to the GET /approval_requests endpoint.
  • New webhooks:
    • approval_policy: created, deleted, process_canceled, updated
    • approval_request: approved, canceled, created, rejected
    • payable: partner_metadata.updated
    • tag: created, deleted, updated

Accounts receivable

  • New read-only amount_to_pay field in invoices returns the remaining amount to be paid on this invoice, adjusted for the currently effective discount defined by the invoice payment terms.

April 6, 2023

The version 2023-03-14 is now publicly available to Monite partners. To start using this version, change the X-Monite-Version header value to 2023-03-14.

For example:

curl -X GET '' \
     -H 'X-Monite-Version: 2023-03-14' \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1Qi...5HHaosPfssfu0o'