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TagsTable is a React component that displays all tags created by an entity and allows renaming and deleting these tags.


`TagsTable` component preview.

TagsTable component preview.


Use in the Tagstable component in your application as shown:

import { TagsTable } from "@monite/sdk-react"

// This component must be rendered within the MoniteProvider wrapper
const TagsTablePage = () => {
  return <TagsTable />;


The following table shows all Tagstable component properties, their types, and descriptions:

onChangeSortfunctionThis callback is called when the current sorting order for any column is changed. It returns the newly sorted field and order.

The onChangeSort takes one argument whose value is an object with the following fields:

  • sort - the field name of column whose sort order was changed. For example, policy_name.
  • order - the new sort order, either asc or desc
  "sort": "policy_name",  
  "order": "asc" | "desc" | null  
) => void