Manage Tax IDs

Learn which Tax IDs Monite supports and how to manage them.


A Tax ID is an identification number for businesses used for tax purposes. By associating the related Tax IDs to customers, it is possible to display the customer’s Tax ID on the receivables.

Businesses can have one, multiple, or no Tax IDs depending on the country and regulatory requirements.

Tax IDs names and formats vary from country to country. In the EU, for example, it is referred to as “VAT identification number” or VATIN, whereas Canadian businesses have a BN (Business Number) and sales tax numbers.

Supported Tax ID types

Currently, Monite supports the following Tax ID types:

Australiaau_abnAustralian Business Number (AU ABN)51824753556
Australiaau_arnAustralian Taxation Office Reference Number518247535567
Austriaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberATU12345678
Belgiumeu_vatEuropean VAT numberBE0123456789
Brazilbr_cnpjBrazilian CNPJ number28.271.211/0001-88
Brazilbr_cpfBrazilian CPF number137.609.391-04
Bulgariabg_uicBulgaria Unified Identification Code123456789
Bulgariaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberBG0123456789
Canadaca_bnCanadian BN123456789
Canadaca_gst_hstCanadian GST/HST number123456789RT0002
Canadaca_pst_bcCanadian PST number (British Columbia)PST-1234-5678
Canadaca_pst_mbCanadian PST number (Manitoba)123456-7
Canadaca_pst_skCanadian PST number (Saskatchewan)1234567
Canadaca_qstCanadian QST number (Québec)1234567890TQ1234
Chilecl_tinChilean TIN12.345.678-K
Croatiaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberHR12345678912
Cypruseu_vatEuropean VAT numberCY12345678Z
Czech Republiceu_vatEuropean VAT numberCZ1234567890
Denmarkeu_vatEuropean VAT numberDK12345678
Estoniaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberEE123456789
European Unioneu_oss_vatEuropean One Stop Shop VAT number for non-Union schemeEU123456789
Finlandeu_vatEuropean VAT numberFI12345678
Franceeu_vatEuropean VAT numberFRAB123456789
Georgiage_vatGeorgian VAT123456789
Germanyeu_vatEuropean VAT numberDE123456789
Greeceeu_vatEuropean VAT numberEL123456789
Hong Konghk_brHong Kong BR number12345678
Hungaryhu_tinHungary tax number (adószám)12345678-1-23
Hungaryeu_vatEuropean VAT numberHU12345678912
Icelandis_vatIcelandic VAT123456
Indiain_gstIndian GST number12ABCDE3456FGZH
Indonesiaid_npwpIndonesian NPWP number12.345.678.9-012.345
Irelandeu_vatEuropean VAT numberIE1234567AB
Israelil_vatIsrael VAT12345
Italyeu_vatEuropean VAT numberIT12345678912
Japanjp_cnJapanese Corporate Number (Hōjin Bangō)1234567891234
Japanjp_rnJapanese Registered Foreign Businesses' Registration Number (Tōroku Kokugai Jigyōsha no Tōroku Bangō)12345
Japanjp_trnJapanese Tax Registration Number (Tōroku Bangō)T1234567891234
Kenyake_pinKenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification NumberP000111111A
Latviaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberLV12345678912
Liechtensteinli_uidLiechtensteinian UID numberCHE123456789
Lithuaniaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberLT123456789123
Luxembourgeu_vatEuropean VAT numberLU12345678
Malaysiamy_frpMalaysian FRP number12345678
Malaysiamy_itnMalaysian ITNC 1234567890
Malaysiamy_sstMalaysian SST numberA12-3456-78912345
Maltaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberMT12345678
Mexicomx_rfcMexican RFC numberABC010203AB9
Netherlandseu_vatEuropean VAT numberNL123456789B12
New Zealandnz_gstNew Zealand GST number123456789
Norwayno_vatNorwegian VAT number123456789MVA
Polandeu_vatEuropean VAT numberPL1234567890
Portugaleu_vatEuropean VAT numberPT123456789
Romaniaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberRO1234567891
Russiaru_innRussian INN1234567891
Russiaru_kppRussian KPP123456789
Saudi Arabiasa_vatSaudi Arabia VAT123456789012345
Singaporesg_gstSingaporean GSTM12345678X
Singaporesg_uenSingaporean UEN123456789F
Slovakiaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberSK1234567891
Sloveniasi_tinSlovenia tax number (davčna številka)12345678
Sloveniaeu_vatEuropean VAT numberSI12345678
South Africaza_vatSouth African VAT number4123456789
South Koreakr_brnKorean BRN123-45-67890
Spaines_cifSpanish NIF number (previously Spanish CIF number)A12345678
Spaineu_vatEuropean VAT numberESA1234567Z
Swedeneu_vatEuropean VAT numberSE123456789123
Switzerlandch_vatSwitzerland VAT numberCHE-123.456.789 MWST
Taiwantw_vatTaiwanese VAT12345678
Thailandth_vatThai VAT1234567891234
Ukraineua_vatUkrainian VAT123456789
United Arab Emiratesae_trnUnited Arab Emirates TRN123456789012345
United Kingdomgb_vatUnited Kingdom VAT numberGB123456789
United Kingdomeu_vatNorthern Ireland VAT numberXI123456789
United Statesus_einUnited States EIN12-3456789


Need another Tax ID type?

You can request additional Tax ID types by sending an email to [email protected].

Add new Tax ID

To associate a new Tax ID to a specific counterpart, call POST /counterparts/{counterpart_id}/tax_ids, passing the Tax ID type and value in the request body:

curl -X POST '' \
     -H 'X-Monite-Version: 2023-03-14' \
     -H 'accept: application/json' \
     -H 'X-Monite-Entity-Id: ENTITY_ID' \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' \
     -d '{
       "type": "eu_vat",
       "value": "DE12345678"

The successful response contains the information about the newly added Tax ID:

  "id": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6",
  "counterpart_id": "411dcb68-dad8-46c2-92b9-f6ae445289b3",
  "type": "eu_vat",
  "value": "DE12345678"

List all Tax IDs

To get all Tax IDs of a specific counterpart, call GET /counterparts/{counterpart_id}/tax_ids:

curl -X GET '' \
     -H 'X-Monite-Version: 2023-03-14' \
     -H 'accept: application/json' \
     -H 'X-Monite-Entity-Id: ENTITY_ID' \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'

The successful response contains a list of Tax IDs of the specified counterpart:

  "data": [
      "type": "eu_vat",
      "value": "DE12345678",
      "id": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6",
      "counterpart_id": "411dcb68-dad8-46c2-92b9-f6ae445289b3"

Edit a Tax ID

To edit an existing Tax ID of the specified counterpart, call PATCH /counterparts/{counterpart_id}/tax_ids/{tax_id}. You can update the tax ID type, value, or both.

Delete a Tax ID

To delete an existing Tax ID from the list of Tax IDs associated to the specified counterpart, call DELETE /counterparts/{counterpart_id}/tax_ids/{tax_id}.