Base concepts

This page gives you a general overview of base concepts we use in the Monite API.


All API requests to the Monite API platform must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail.

For more information on our authentication structure, see Get started.

HTTP methods, headers, and statuses

Monite services follow the standard CRUD resource models. This maps to the standard HTTP verbs:

HTTP methodDescription
GETTo retrieve a resource.
POSTTo create a resource, or to execute a complex operation on a resource.
PATCHTo update a resource partially.
PUTTo update a resource by providing a full replacement representation.
DELETETo delete a resource.

Date and time

Timestamps are returned in UTC and formatted as YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.zzzzzz][Z|±hh:mm] (ISO 8601).

Dates without the time part are formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.