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Partner Portal

HTTP headers

Learn about HTTP headers that can be passed in request and responses when interacting with Monite API.

Request headers


Contains a bearer token (partner or entity user) to authorize this API request. For more information, refer to Authentication.


Specifies a Monite API version to process this API request. For more information, refer to Monite API versioning.


Specifies the unique ID of an entity, which is the owner of the API resource of a collection of resources. This is an additional security mechanism that allows to ensure the Monite account structure.

Response headers


Returns back the Monite API version that was used to process this API request.


Contains a random ID generated by Monite to uniquely identify this API response. Always provide this ID when reporting any issues to the Monite Support Team.


Contains a value specifying the time spent on processing the original API request.


Returns back the entity ID specified in the original API request.