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Does Monite calculate taxes automatically?

I want to use Monite to build in an invoicing feature for accounting my product. I want to give my users the ability to send invoices to their customers, and for those invoices to be fulfilled via Monite. How should I handle tax calculations for these invoices on behalf of my customers? Is there an endpoint I need to hit with parameters from my user/user-customer/product that will give me the tax rate?

Payable payload issue counterpart_id Mis match

I'm trying to create payable but getting this error: array ( 'error' => array ( 'message' => 'Unknown counterparts related fields in payload for payable: counterpart_id = d4f0fe75-b650-42a6-a596-0b72037897db. Please check that you have specified the counterpart_id, and ensure that all related sub-resources belong to it.', ),

How do you test?

Looking to understand how you test?

I need to find an API that will help me get the following information

Is there a way to get the data as an inclusive list of contacts that contain the fields: contact: { avatar, company_name, company_website, ... } gl_code: { classify, code, ... } vendor: { name, ... } vat: { value, ... } or a similar result?

doubt about entity users and tokens

Hi Team, when you create an entity with a user (first and last name), does that user automatically become an entity user, such that i can user the id generated to get create a token of grant type entity_user?

vat-rates service

Hi everyone, we have a question/issue with receivables vat-rates service. When we update vat details for an entity or counterpart, it seems like does not affect to vat-rates service because I get same vat-rates or insignificant rates. Maybe it’s gonna be more clear with example: We set entity vat id as “GB - gb_vat”, then created new counterpart with same vat country and type. This works fine, we can get GB vat rates. Then we updated the entity vat details to “DE - eu_vat”, but we still get GB vat rates. I tried with updating both entity and counterpart vat details as “DE - eu_vat” but nothing changed. It’s kinda confusing and we are not able to add specific vat-rates. How should we manage this process? Thanks in advance.

When the Payment intent ID is really created?

We have received a payment intent ID right after creating a payment link and before we have visited the payment page and have chosen the payment method. Is this expected? I thought that the payment intent is linked to the payment method and is unknown until the payment method is chosen by the payer.

How to test the webhooks?

Is there a way to test the webhooks triggered by the system?

API only or also client SDKs?

Hello, Does Monite provide only an API connection, or you also provide client SDKs, e.g. for Web and Mobile?