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Accounts receivable

Learn how Monite helps with accounts receivable automation.


Accounts receivable refers to the money owed to a company by its clients for products or services that have been delivered but have yet to be paid for by the clients.

Some of the document types used in accounts receivable are:

  • Invoice - a request for payment that lists the products or services the company delivered and the amount due.
  • Quote - a formal offer that details how much the products or services will cost before the client commits to a purchase.
  • Credit note - reduces the amount due on an invoice.

With Monite API, partners can automate the accounts receivable processes for SMEs to enable them:

  • Generate branded invoices, quotes, and credit notes.
  • Generate a downloadable PDF or send the documents via email.
  • Automatically send payment reminders to the SME's customers.
  • Track the status of documents—issued, paid, or expired.

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