Credit notes

Learn how to amend issued invoices by using credit notes.


A credit note is a document typically issued when there is a discrepancy between the invoice and the goods received. This may occur when a product is faulty, damaged, or not as described, or when there is an overpayment by the buyer.

Example of a credit note.

Example of a credit note.


Credit notes can be created for invoices that include discounts only if the value of the discount equals to the full value of the invoice.

Credit note lifecycle

Credit notes move through different statuses during their lifecycle:


This is the initial status for all new credit notes. A draft credit note is not issued yet and can be edited anytime.

Draft credit notes can transition to issued or deleted.


There can be only one draft credit note per invoice. Before you can create the second draft credit note for the same invoice, you'll need to issue (or cancel) the previous credit note.


Indicates that the credit note has been finalized and issued to a counterpart.