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Partner Portal

Get payables

Lists all payables from the connected entity.

If you already have the data of the payable (amount in minor units, currency, vendor information, and other details)
stored somewhere as individual attributes, you can create a payable with these attributes by calling POST
and providing the base64-encoded contents of the original invoice file in the field base64_encoded_file.

A payable is a financial document given by an entity`s supplier itemizing the purchase of a good or a service and
demanding payment.

The file_name field is optional. If omitted, it defaults to “default_file_name”. If the settings are configured
to automatically set suggested_payment_term, this object can be omitted from the request body.

The id generated for this payable can be used in other API calls to update the data of this payable or trigger
status transitions
, for example. essential data
fields to move from draft to new

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