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Mark a payable as partially paid

Mark a payable as partially paid.

If the payable is partially paid, its status is moved to partially_paid. The value of the amount_paid field must be
the sum of all payments made, not only the last one.


  • This endpoint can be used for payables in the waiting_to_be_paid status.
  • The amount_paid must be greater than 0 and less than the total payable amount specified by the amount field.
  • You can use this endpoint multiple times for the same payable to reflect multiple partial payments, always setting the
    sum of all payments made.
  • To use this endpoint with an entity user token, this entity user must have a role that includes the pay
    permission for payables.
  • The amount_to_pay field is automatically calculated based on the amount_due less the percentage described
    in the payment_terms.discount value.

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