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Component has been deprecated.

ConfirmDeleteModal is a React component that renders a modal to confirm the deleting of a tag.


`ConfirmDeleteModal` component preview.

ConfirmDeleteModal component preview.


Use in the ConfirmDeleteModal component in your application as shown:

import { ConfirmDeleteModal } from "@team-monite/ui-widgets-react"


// TODO: This component must be rendered within the MoniteProvider wrapper
return (
        id: 'ea837e28-509b-4b6a-a600-d54b6aa0b1f5',
        name: 'office_rent'


The following table shows all ConfirmDeleteModal component properties, their types, and description:

onClosefunctionThis is a callback function triggered when the modal form is closed. For example, after clicking the "Cancel" button or upon successful tag deletion.
onDeletefunctionThis is a callback function triggered upon successful tag deletion.
tagobjectThis is a required prop that defines the tag ID and name.

The tag prop accepts an object that contains two mandatory fields:

  • id (string) - the UUID of an existing tag you want to delete.
  • name (string) - the tag name to display in the prompt.