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ACH Direct Debit payments

Learn how to enable entities to use ACH bank transfers.

ACH Direct Debit is a popular payment method in the United States and is an alternative to credit and debit cards. Monite enables our partners to integrate ACH Direct Debit payments into their applications. ACH can be used by the partner's entities to pay their payables.


  • ACH payments are only available to US-based entities.
  • Currently, entities can use ACH payments only to pay their counterparts (that is, pay one or more payables). Accepting payments via ACH is currently not supported.

Implementing ACH payments

Implementing ACH payments includes the following steps:

  1. Enable the ACH payment method for an entity and onboard this entity.
  2. The entity needs to verify the ownership of its US bank account.
  3. After successful onboarding and verification, the entity can make ACH payments.